My Story

I am a wife, a mom & an Aunt, foremost. I have a husband who is beyond amazing, and puts up with me & all our kids. I am a mom to six kids - aged 5 through 19.

I began my Scentsy business in 2014 to help cover costs of staying home vs work. (I was considering travel time, gas, daycare, time away from my children, etc). I decided I would give this opportunity a try. If I couldn't make it work, then I would go back to work. That is my motivation.

I love seeing my kids in the morning & at night, and if they need to be home because they are sick...I can just DO IT. No need to call in, switch shifts, nothing.

In the beginning, it was great to get out, chat with adults after being home with small children all day. Then I loved that I could also contribute to date night (or a couple), put a little extra on to a bill, I could buy myself something without budgeting it for a month or two, that I could help pay for our annual summer family vacation up North...the list is always changing. Or even all the Christmas gifts for ALL SIX KIDS.

It just feels GOOD. To be here for my kids full time, yet still be able to contribute to the family household financially.

Thank you for choosing me :)